Crowdfunding Yun House – we ask for support of the concert series at the Yun House Berlin

Yun-Haus Berlin, Sakrower Kirchweg 47, 14089 Berlin 
Scores: exhibition on Yun’s Violin Sonata (1991)
Art: exhibition Carola Bark “Line-Up” (see string quartet No. 32), Finissage: 30 Sept. 2023

Yun House Berlin, Sakrower Kirchweg 47
Sunday, 10 December 1023, 5 p.m. – Live-Stream

Matt Haimovitz. Benefit Concert for Isang Yun

Matt Haimovitz (cello) plays compositions of J. S. Bach, Isang Yun („Glissées“), Atar Arad, Layale Chaker, und Juri Seo.

Matt Haimovitz, born in Israel in 1970, made a worldwide career early on, now lives in Texas and Canada and is particularly interested in promoting young artists and developing unusual projects. He will play for Isang Yun and the Yun-Haus Berlin on 10 December in Berlin-Kladow. BUT ALSO FOR PEACE. Juri Seo is a Korean composer teaching at Princeton Univ. Atar Arad is Israeli and Layale Chaker is Palestinian.

With the creation of our video channel, we intend to gradually make accessible to the visitors of our website the most exemplary recordings of Isang Yun’s compositions (see the video clips in the catalogue of works), as well as introductions to his works, and our concerts at the Yun-Haus Berlin.
If you have the impression that your rights are being violated, please let us know.

In notation and sound, here is a recording of String Quartet VI, which took place in April 1992 after a rehearsal of the Amati Quartet in Berlin with and in the presence of Isang Yun. We put this online so that those interested can study the performance of the dynamic indications and other specifications of the notation. See also: Images (live from 5 Nov. 1997), Contemplation for two violas, etc.