Crowdfunding Yun House – we ask for support of “Diversity in Harmony”, the concert series at the Yun House Berlin.

“Diversity in Harmony”, in 2024 supported by Kulturamt Spandau, Fonds Dezentrale Kulturarbeit, and the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten (GVL) & GEMA-Stiftung & Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung (concert 6).
Entrance free, donations wellcome

Samstag, 13. Juli 2024, 19 Uhr: Villa Elisabeth, Berlin, Invalidenstraße 3
Sonntag, 14. Juli 2024, 15 Uhr (geänderte Anfangszeit wegen des Endspiels EM):
Garten Yun-Haus, Sakrower Kirchweg 47, 14089 Berlin-Kladow, 15 (!) Uhr

Diversity in Harmony 7: „Nacht Musique“

Markus Bongartz:       Fanfare I für Horn solo (2024) – Uraufführung (Auftragswerk)
Charlotte Seither:       Tell it or shout mit Fagott und Kontrabass (2014)
Isang Yun:                   Bläseroktett mit Kontrabass [2 Ob., 2 Klar., 2 Hr., 2 Fg., Kb.] (1994)
– P a u s e –
Markus Bongartz:       Fanfare II für Horn solo (2024) – Uraufführung (Auftragswerk)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade c-Moll KV 388 (1781/82)

Bläseroktett Birgit Schmieder
Birgit Schmieder / Lavinia Whitaker (Ob.), Adrian Krämer / Florentine Simpfendörfer (Klar.), Sytske Pas / Jaebin Yum (Hr.), Luka Mitev / Yanjiao Lyu (Fg.), Oskari Hänninen (Kb.)

Yun House Berlin-Kladow, Sakrower Kirchweg 47, 14089 Berlin
Diversity in Harmony 8: Sunday, 29 September 2024, 5 p.m. – Live-Stream XXI

Scores: exhibition on Yun’s “Riul” (1968) & Piano Trio (1972/75)
Art: exhibition

With the creation of our video channel, we intend to gradually make accessible to the visitors of our website the most exemplary recordings of Isang Yun’s compositions (see the video clips in the catalogue of works), as well as introductions to his works, and our concerts at the Yun-Haus Berlin.
If you have the impression that your rights are being violated, please let us know.

In notation and sound, here is a recording of String Quartet VI, which took place in April 1992 after a rehearsal of the Amati Quartet in Berlin with and in the presence of Isang Yun. We put this online so that those interested can study the performance of the dynamic indications and other specifications of the notation. See also: Images (live from 5 Nov. 1997), Contemplation for two violas, etc.