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Head Office

Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer, Holger Groschopp, Klaus Schöpp

Tasks and goals

In order to keep the memory of Isang Yun, his work and activities alive, his friends – especially the musicians who regularly performed his work – founded the “Isang Yun International Society” in Berlin in 1996. The Society’s tasks include passing on the performance practice of his music and supporting research into his work and biography. In this context, the society has been active through courses on performance practice, concerts, symposia and the issuing of publications. Five yearbooks “Ssi-ol” and twelve CDs with works by Isang Yun have been published in the meantime. The society acts in a non-profit way and disposes exclusively of the contributions and donations of its members. All other funds must be raised.


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Isang Yun International Society
c/o. Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer
Nassauische Str. 6
10 717  Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Tel. +49-30-873 47 44

Become a Member

You become a member by accepting the statutes (see above) and paying the annual membership fee of currently 60 Euros. We can also debit the fees if you allow us to do so. Please send us an email or fill in the online registration. Thank you.

The annual membership fee for students is 30 Euros.

Donations are wellcome:

Account: Internationale Isang Yun Gesellschaft
Bank: GLS Bank Bochum
: DE57 4306 0967 1229 7235 00
Address of the Bank: Christstraße 9,  44 789 Bochum, Germany