Events Yun House Berlin

We plan to offer an event once a month, on Sundays at 4 and 6 p.m. (in summer) or, in winter, 3 and 5 p.m. Address: see Yun-House Berlin
Due to the current pandemic situation no public access to Yun House Berlin.

Live-Stream: Sunday, March 21st 2021, 17 hrs. – Spring Concert

Duo-Recital Márton Végh – Daniel Seroussi

Márton Végh (flute) and Daniel Seroussi (piano) play Mozart (Sonata C major KV 14), Isang Yun (for flute: The Actor with the Monkey, The Hermit at the Water + Five Pieces for Piano) and Beethoven (Serenade op. 41)
A live stream, no public admission.

Links see Video Channel:

“For the women who are disregarded and oppressed by male society”
Isang Yun: Symphony IV “Singing in the Dark”
Introductory lecture to Isang Yun’s Symphony IV (1986)

The Comfort Women. On the second movement of Yun’s Symphony IV “Singing in the Dark”: A conversation with Nataly Jung-Hwa Hanx

Date (in 2021) to be announced:

Piano Recital Kaya Han

Works by Beethoven, Han and Yun
Isang Yun: Five Pieces for Piano (1958)
Ishijima Han: Manghyang Fantasy (2019) – World Premiere
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata No. 30 E major op. 109 (1820)
Isang Yun: Shao Yang Yin (1968)

Kaya Han (piano)

Maximum duration of our concerts or introductory lectures in the Yun House Berlin: about one hour. Repeat of an event only on request.
Due to the current situation, we will have to keep the social distancing, so that we can invite only a few guests. Masks must be worn. We ask you to register in advance. Entrance is free, donations are welcome. Actually no public access.
Pre-registration to:

Sponsors to fund the renovation and maintenance of the house and garden:

Construction of a water drainage system, a stairway and a ramp for access to the hall, renovation of the outside areas, and new landscaping of the garden.
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