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Crowdfunding Yun Haus – we ask for support of “Diversity in Harmony”, the concert series at the Yun House Berlin

Duration of our concerts in the Yun House Berlin: about one hour.
Entrance is free, donations are welcome.
Pre-registration to:

The concerts in Yun House Berlin with the motto “Diversity in Harmony” are supported by the Kulturamt Spandau, Fonds Dezentrale Kulturarbeit, the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten (GVL), the GEMA-Stiftung, and the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung (concert 6).

Yun House Berlin-Kladow, Sakrower Kirchweg 47, 14089 Berlin
Diversity in Harmony 5: Sunday, 26 May 2024, 5 p.m. – Live-Stream XIX

Stone – Flower: Tchemberdji – Yun – Ravel

Katia Tchemberdji:    Ishi – Kamni II for violin, violoncello, and piano (2011)
Isang Yun: Trio for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano (1972/75)
Maurice Ravel:          Trio for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano (1914)

Artenius-Trio: Mika Yonezawa (violin), Kleif Carnarius (violoncello), Katia Tchemberdji (piano)

Diversity in Harmony 4: Whitsun Monday special concert, 20 may 2024, 5 p.m. – Live Stream XVIII

Berg – Schoenberg – Helgeson – Yun

Alban Berg: Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano op. 5 (1915)
Arnold Schoenberg:  Six Little Piano Pieces op. 19 (1911), I.-III.
James Helgeson:    Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano (2019)
 I. Gradus, bis (Night music for Joseph and Wrangelstraße)
 II. Mischievous
Arnold Schoenberg: Six Little Piano Pieces op. 19, IV.-VI.
Isang Yun: Riul for clarinet and piano (1968)

Mingzhe Wang (clarinet)
Nikolaus Schlierf (viola)
Manuel Laufer (piano)

Entrance free, donations wellcome. – CHINESE ROOM  
Scores: exhibition on Yun’s “Riul” for clarinet and piano (1968)
Art: exhibition Helmut Thanheiser (other pictures)

Yun-Haus Berlin-Kladow, Sakrower Kirchweg 47, 14089 Berlin
Diversity in Harmony 5: Sonntag, 26. Mai 2024, 17 Uhr – Live Stream XIX

Stone – Flower

Katia Tchemberdji:  Ishi – Kamni II for violin, piano, and violoncello (2011)
Isang Yun:               Trio for violin, piano, and violoncello (1972/75)
Maurice Ravel:        Trio for violin, piano, and violoncello (1914)

Mika Yonezawa (violin), Kleif Canarius (violoncello), Katia Tchemberdji (piano)

Chinesisches Zimmer:
Scores: Exhibition of Yun’s Piano Trio
Art: Pictures of Helmut Thanheiser (neu selection)

“Ishi” (Japanese) or “Kamni” (Russian) means “stone”. Katia Tchemberdji composed her piano trio in 2011 and came up with the name in light of the Fukushima disaster. The first part of Yun’s piano trio is a birthday greeting for the 75th birthday of his teacher Boris Blacher (1972) with the characteristic gesture of the flowers opening. The second part, composed a few years later (1975), became an epithaph because of Blacher’s death. Ravel’s piano trio was written in conscious defence against dark shadows – a forecast of the beginning of the First World War. “The suffering of the victims – of war, violence or natural disasters – continues to burn in us living people.” (Katia Tchemberdji)

Live-Streams: click our Video Channel

Live-Stream XI “Récréation: Yun + French Baroque”: Works by Jean-Marie Leclair & Isang Yun. Chien-Chun Hung (flute), Klaus Schöpp (flute), Tung-Han Hu (harpsichord), Adele Bitter (violoncello). – Yun House Berlin, Sunday, 19 March 2023, 4 p.m.

Live-Stream X “Insisting vs. flowing”: Daniel Seroussi (piano) with compositions by Eres Holz, Henri Dutilleux, Isang Yun, and Franz Schubert (Sonata f minor in four mouvements, 1818). – Yun House Berlin, Sunday, 25 September 2022, 4 p.m.

Live-Stream IX “East Asia in the West”: Yezu Woo (violin) & Tomoki Park (piano) with works by Dai Fujikura, Eun-Hwa Cho, Toshio Hosokawa, Unsuk Chin, and Isang Yun (“Gasa”). – Sunday, 12 June 2022, 5 p.m.

Live-Stream VIII “Broken and stretched times”. – Randolf Stöck (piano) with works by Samir Odeh-Tamini, Anton Webern, Isang Yun, Franz Schubert (Sonata G Major). – Sunday, 29 May 2022, 5 p.m.

Live-Stream VII “Isang Yun and the Viola”: Duo for Viola and Piano (1976) – “Contemplation“ for two violas (1988). A Concert with Hwayoon Lee and Hartmut Rohde (viola), Daniel Seroussi (piano), Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer (moderation in German). – Sunday, 16 January 2022, 4 p.m.

Live-Stream VI “Henrik Wiese – Mischa Meyer”: Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite II d minor, BWV 1008
Isang Yun: “Chinese Pictures” for flute solo (1993); “East-West-Miniatures” for flute and violoncello (1994).
Henrik Wiese (flute), Mischa Meyer (violoncello). – Sunday, 5 Dec. 2021

Live-Stream II “Contrasts”: Solo-Recital Götz Hartmann (violin) with works by Tzvi Avni, Hindemith, Yun, and J. S. Bach. Sunday, 16 May 2021, 5 p.m.

Live-Stream I: “Spring Concert”: Márton Végh (flute) und Daniel Seroussi (piano) play works by Mozart (Sonata C Major KV 14), Isang Yun (for flute: Der Affenspieler, Der Eremit am Wasser + Five Pieces for Piano) and Beethoven (Serenade op. 41). Duo-Recital from 21 March 2021