New CDs

Organ Works by Pagh-Paan and Yun

Dominik Sustek has recorded an extraordinarily colorful CD with works by Younghi Pagh-Paan and Isang Yun at the organ of the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne. This is the first new recording after years of the Tuyaux sonores (1967) composed for Gerd Zacher and the Fragment (1975), which was also written for Zacher, but dedicated to Pastor Martin Hoberg and the Gemeinde of Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel, whose children had supported the liberation of Isang Yun with paintings and letters. Available from the Are-Verlag Cologne, info[et]

Dominik Susteck spielt Orgelwerke von Pagh-Paan und Yun

Isang Yun und das Cello

Collected Works for Violoncello and Piano (Adele Bitter, Holger Groschopp) – Isang Yun talking (Salzburg Lectures, 1993, in conversation with Luise Rinser, 1976). Cybele KiG 011 (4 SACD)

Isang Yun und das Cello

Fascinated by a Single Tone: Yun – Scelsi (flute music)

Chamber Music of Isang Yun – Capriccio CD C5364

(Violin Sonata, original version)

Chamber Music of Isang Yun - Capriccio CD C5364