Concerto for violin and orchestra no. 1 (1981): Saschko Gawriloff, Sinfonieorchester des Hessischen Rundfunks, Marcello Viotti. Großer Saal der Alten Oper Frankfurt, september 6, 1990. – Hessischer Rundfunk HR 3, Frankfurt 1990

Wege zur neuen Musik: "Muak. Tänzerische Fantasie für großes Orchester (1978)" 
Gerd Albrecht in conversation with Isang Yun. Including the performance of "Muak" by the Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (now: Deutsches
Symphonie-Orchester Berlin). Conductor: Gerd Albrecht. 
Direction: Barrie Gavin. Editor: Ursula Klein. 
Sender Freies Berlin 1992; 63 minutes 

"November-Elegie". A portrait of Isang Yun. 
Regie: Barrie Gavin. Editor: Ursula Klein 
Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) 1996; 60 minutes 
Korean version: KBS Seoul 1998; 60 minutes 

A Korean CD-Rom on Isang Yun is published in 1997 in Seoul as supplement of the magazine Auditorium. Tel.: + 82.2.755-4949.

Yun Isang kyonggyerul nomoso [Isang Yun – over the border(s)]. TV movie
KBS Seoul. Direction: Jin Huh (PD), August 1, 2003; 50 minutes

Yun Isang hanure saegin sonyul [Isang Yun, a tune on the sky].
TV movie, MBC Masan, Direction: Hyun Kim, September 3, 2006; 50 minutes

The Longing on StringsThe Parker String Quartet in Tongyeong 2008. Producer: Park Jeong-woo, Song Ji-hyun; Arirang TV 2008; 24 minutes

In Between - The Composer Isang Yun in North and South Korea. By Maria Stodtmeier. Accentus Music, Leipzig 2013; ca. 60'