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Isang Yun Timeline

Forthcoming Concerts

Concert in Berlin, Saturday, March 30, 2019:  Heinz Holliger & Friends

New: Fascinated by a Single Tone: Yun - Scelsi

Chamber Music of Isang Yun - Capriccio CD C5364  

"Isang Yun has greatly impacted my life. I consider his brilliant cello concerto as the most significant work in the pantheon of compositions over the past 100 years."
Matt Haimovitz, 2018)

CD: the Cello Concerto of Isang Yun with Matt Haimovitz

Further CD-Recommendations: Octuor Mirae & Violin Concerto I (Schneeberger) - Duetto

Our last CD:    CD IYG 011 


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